How PayTeck Works


The PayTeck electronic keypad controller system is a compact device the size of a deck of cards that contains all the necessary software to operate the system. Its counterpart is a portable, hand-held exclusive LCD Link unit. The LCD Link replaces the need for any expensive software of computer. This allows complete control and programming/reprogramming at the dealer location. The LCD Link functions as a computer screen, is portable and requires no external power. With the PaytTeck controller in place in the vehicle, all customer terms can be programmed into the system right at the point of sale by the LCD Link in a matter of seconds. Eliminating the customer having to wait for installation. Payments can be made in person, by mail or called in with a credit card number. Payment may be optionally recorded in the PayTeck computer software system. After each payment, the customer receives a new five-digit number to enter into the keypad. This number activates the vehicle for another payment period. To help a customer keep track of the payment schedule, the controller allows the customer to check the number of days until the next payment is due by entering the code CLR 3 into the keypad, and the controller will flash and beep the number of days until the payment is due.


The controller has a one-time-per-payment Emergency Code CLR 911. Should the customer miss a payment and the controller shuts off the vehicle, this number can be entered into the keypad to restart the vehicle. A payment must be made at this time in order to get the new code for the next period. The controller has its own computer battery as a back-up. If the vehicle battery should die, the controller will continue to operate. Your anti-theft security system remains intact and payment information is kept up-to-date. The controller operates on a twenty-four hour clock. Should the customer miss a payment, the vehicle will be disabled at a time when it is least likely to be in use ( i.e. 4:00 a.m.). Shut down times can be adjusted to suit your customer.


(Only needed for large large multi lot operations) The PayTeck software system is compatible with all Internet compatable computers. It provides daily and weekly reports that monitor customer payment schedules, providing important management decision-support information. When a customer makes a payment, the information is entered into the software system, generating a two-part report, one for the customer and one for the dealer. The customer’s name and address appear with the new five-digit vehicle activation code and number of payments made to date. The dealer has the option of just viewing the code on the computer monitor. The customer section is designed in a mailable format for easy forwarding.

Why Your Customers Should Want PayTeck


With every payment your customers receive a valid dealer credit receipt to rebuild their credit for the future. Solid credit makes it possible to trade up to newer models at lower interest rates and longer terms.


PayTeck also operates as a security system to protect your customer’s investment. For a minimal cost to the customer, the Security Plus feature serves as an anti-theft device. With an electronic keypad controller system installed in the car or truck, it is a visual theft deterrent. Only the customer can operate the vehicle by using the assigned three-digit PIN Number. The PIN can be changed at any time. With the final payment, the security system can be purchased or removed, each for a separate fee.


With PayTeck’s anti-theft security system in place,most states offer up to 20% reduction in comprehensive vehicle insurance.


This system is completely customer operated. There are no special keys or cards to carry. The unit is installed directly into the vehicle and is as consumer-friendly as any ATM.


The electronic keypad controller is warranted for six months (parts & labor). For an additional twelve months, PayTeck will replace any unit with a factory defect for $50. Customer pays the shipping and installation costs To increase your sales, improve your accounts receivables and return the responsibility of timely payments to the customer, call us today.

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